Fight for the good stuff

Your fight might look different than mine or anyone else’s fight.

Your fight doesn’t have to be abrasive. Though, it can be aggressive, if you need it to be. It doesn’t have to be in your face and all over the place, unless you need it to be.

Your fight might mean praying. Meditating. Exercising. Drawing. Writing. Listening to that uplifting podcast or your favorite CD from the 90s.

Your fight might mean helping a friend instead of yourself. Your fight might be adopting that pet or donating to a humane shelter.

Your fight might be scrolling Pinterest or Instagram for that quote or saying that speaks to your heart and sharing it in case someone else needs those words too.

Your fight might mean choosing kisses and board games over Facebook and TV.

Your fight might mean the long way home with the radio up instead of the fast and easy route.

Your fight might mean taking your lunch outside to warm your face with the sun instead of sitting at your desk.

Your fight might mean skipping the dishes and binging your favorite show.

Your fight might mean reading and never getting out of bed all weekend unless you have to.

Your fight might mean getting outside in nature and never wanting to leave it.

Your fight might mean going to the doctor because that’s okay and totally normal too.

Your fight is YOURS. It might ebb and flow and go through seasons of growth and dormancy. You might think about it furiously today but not at all tomorrow.

Your gloves should be ready.

In other words, and in my experience it’s been advantageous for me to have tools and resources handy for whenever I might need to reach for them. Which is literally ALL THE FREAKING TIME. It’s totally okay to feel those blah feelings. Acknowledge them. Respect them, even. Feel them. Share your feelings with a friend. Write about them. Cry about them. Allow your vulnerability to become part of your beauty and your strength.

Because heck yes, there will be the unexpected crap that throws us for a loop. The things that we never asked for or wanted to happen. There will be inconveniences and hardships. There will be times when you tried as hard as you could, did your best and it still feels like you finished last.

Part of this fighting for it stuff means that we allow ourselves to learn how to understand the purpose of our struggles- and with that gem in our pocket, our joy can become constant.

Life is short. You have got to hang in there. Fight like hell for it. Get back up. Every. Single. Time. Run like hell towards the good, the happy, the unequivocal joy, it’s absolutely out there and inside of you. We all just have to put on our gloves and fight for it. Every damn day.

Final note:

I’m no guru (if you thought that I am, you’re in the wrong place 😂) but I’ve had my share of the loop de loops of crap. Alternately, I’ve had so many worthy heart exploding moments of happiness and joy! Those good stuff moments are eternal. The bad stuff moments have strengthened me in ways I never knew possible. So in a really odd way, I’m kinda grateful for them. Then there are all the in between moments. Those seem to be pretty good too.

I’m sharing from my personal experience, and opening up the conversation of what gets me through each and every single day.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. You are totally precious and worth protecting and I promise it’s totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. If you want to join in the conversation please share on social media and comment below!

Be rad. Be gentle. Be kind… You are loved!

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