Easy 5 Step DIY “No Soliciting” Sign

easy 5 step DIY No soliciting Sign

How to tell random knockers and doorbell buzzers to “bugger off!” without actually having to actually open the door to tell them to please go away?

Make this Easy 5 Step DIY “No Soliciting!” Sign ⇒

P.S. The tiny knick on the upper right corner is from me dropping it when I first got the sign.

What Materials You’ll Need:

1- Wooden Chalkboard Hanging Sign, Black

1- Folkart Metallic Acrylic Paint 2oz-Inca Gold or any gold color that you prefer

1- Nicpro 12 PCS Acrylic Paint Brushes Set, Professional Art Paintbrushes (you really just need one nice small tapered brush but a whole set is nice to keep around)

1- Paint Stirring Stick

If you don’t already have one of these lying around the house then grab one from your local paint store, they’re usually free!

1- Mod Podge 1470 Clear Acrylic Sealer, 12 oz, Gloss

This is the stuff that helps with weatherproofing, don’t skip this product!

1-  Hot Glue Gun ← this one comes with 30 sticks!

You need enough glue for gluing the sign to the paint stirring stick which isn’t much at all.

Paper Towels or an Old Rag & a Cup of Water


1. Gather Your Supplies and Find a Nice Spot to Work

I chose the kitchen table. This project was quick and so I didn’t worry too much about taking up time and space in the kitchen with this. Find a pencil, fill up a cup of water for rinsing your paintbrush, grab your rag and/or paper towels and get your paint ready. Have the rest of your supplies nearby.

2. Prepare & Glue Your Chalkboard

I removed the attached rope and wiped it clean with a damp cloth and then let it dry. Then, I hot glued the paint stick to the back of the chalkboard and made sure to apply sufficient pressure as it dried. Use a heavy book if you have to!

If you’ve never used a hot glue gun before now, be prepared to have your life forever changed. They are AMAZING! Just read and follow the instructions on your hot glue gun carefully before using so you don’t end up with any boo boos or set your house on fire.

3. Grab a Pencil and Write Your Message

My message was short and sweet, “please, No Soliciting – thank you” I decided I didn’t want it in a straight row, so I off-set “please” to the upper left and made the more important words a little bit bigger. I sweetened the message by dotting my “i‘s” with hearts. Another tip is to find a pretty font to copy or try incorporating more of a cursive writing style, I think it has more of a soft look. I practiced a few times on paper first, that helped me out a lot!

4. Paint Your Message

Paint over your penciled words with the gold metallic paint. I like to use a small porcelin plate for my paint, it will wash easily if I rinse it off as soon as I’m done painting. The best thing is this craft paint is very forgiving. If you keep a damp rag or paper towel nearby you can easily wipe away mistakes and start again.

Don’t be afraid to free hand and embellish it a little bit. Have some fun!

5. Seal Your Message

Once your paint is dry you’ll want to seal your sign especially if you’ll be using it in your planter like me. I recommend doing this outside or in a well ventilated garage. This stuff can be stinky! Spray 1 -2 coats allowing to dry between coats. Voila, You’re done! Knockers and doorbell buzzers be gone!

Stick it in a planter near your front door! Lucky for me, I had a nice terra-cotta planter and tray from last year stowed away in the garage. I found a really great low maintenance, Illinois hardy Ajuga perennial from Walmart for under $6! I plopped it in there, watered it and stuck the sign in it. It’s perfect and I can transplant the Ajuga in the fall into the ground if I want it to come back next year.

Side Note:

I’ve thought seriously about making a sign that’s says

If I don’t personally know you, don’t even think about knocking or ringing the doorbell. Even if I do know you it’s still questionable unless I’ve personally called or texted you first.”

I think this is a totally viable option that I’m still considering. There are so many options with this. You can be funny, sarcastic, or sweet and still get the message across.

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