Vacation: My Notes From the Road

Here’s a list of serious & nonserious things that I learned while traveling & vacationing with my 4 yr old daughter without my husband for an entire week. I think there are a few worthy tips here!

Disclaimer!!! Single parents- please don’t judge. I realize you do this and WAY more every single day. You are real life superheros. 

#1. I need to brush up on my knock knock joke skills. Also-  there will NEVER be enough knock knock jokes to occupy a kid on a car ride.

#2. Do put on that rocking swim suit and get to the beach, get dirty and get in the water and play with them! … and eat 😋 donuts at the beach. These are moments they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. 

We beached it at the lake… a lot, splash pad and pool too. I had a sundress/pool cover up that I loved wearing to and from but I let go and got in there and swam and layed out and did all the fun things in my swim suit. Thighs and cellulite out and I feel better for it because you know what, she’s not going to remember the way my thighs jiggled & wiggled but instead she’ll be day dreaming of the days I helped her build that sand castle and caught her when she jumped into my arms into the pool. She’ll remember the giggles. 

#3. Pack more sundresses and not just for your daughter!

#4. Break in vacation shoes before leaving for vacation and bring good flip flops. If not be prepared with a stash of blister bandaids. This was something I’d wish I’d done for sure! Thank goodness for Uncle Richie and Auntie Karin who brought their A-game with their bandaid stashes in tow. 

#5. Backpack purse. Just do it. Pack it. Trust me. YOU WILL USE IT and if not you’ll be kicking yourself for not bringing it.

#6. Wipes. Even if you’re past the butt wiping stage. Pack the wet wipes. Have them at all possible stations- purse, car, back of car, wagon. In the place you’re staying. You will use them all and for probably everything. 👌

#7. Bring the everyday essentials- soft icepacks (good for boo boos and a quick cool down), floss, witch hazel face wipes for that random pimple that will be sure to grace your face if you don’t, wash cloths and lip balm. Oh! and don’t forget the plastic baggies or reusable baggies. These are the things you will surely miss when you don’t have them. 

#8. Naps. No matter how much fun is going on… get them in when you can, even a cat nap. They still matter and they will give you and your kiddo SO much more energy and a better attitude for the rest of the day. 😴

#9. Meal prep and bring your own groceries. This does NOT have to be extravagant. I’m talking cereal, breakfast bars, goldfish, trailmix, mac and cheese cups, easy to eat veggies, fruit and chicken nuggets. We loved Jiffy On the Go peanut butter cups with Ritz crackers too! Just having a few simple meals and snacks thought out will save time and money for other more fun things on vacation!

Reusable baggie for the win! I packed it with fresh cucumers and sweet snacking peppers. 

#10. I still can’t do it alone. I needed my tribe and they came through and then some.

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