Easy & Fun Behavior Tracking System!

Copy of easy Behavior Tracking System.pngThe key to this is sticking to it. It’s all really quite simple & flexible- you can really get creative here and make it your own!

We call this our Good Choices, Bad Choices & Good Deeds system. Mostly it’s referred to the Good Deeds points.

The first thing I did was sit my daughter down and we came up with the ideas for this system together. Having her involved with creating the system really helped her to better understand how it would work.

This system is *very* loosely based off of The popular 123 strike system.

This project consists of 3 Ball jars, crafting popsicle sticks, tape, paper and a marker. You’ll need a notepad and a pencil too for brainstorming. That’s it!

Here’s my easy step-by-step way to get this project done and start using it fast ⇒

  1. Gather your kiddo(s) and a notepad and a pencil and come up with a list of tasks and good deeds. We chose 15 because it seemed manageable. Having my daughter help actually made it kind of fun for her and it didn’t make it feel like a punishment.
  2. Write the tasks on popsicle sticks using your marker. You’ll want to shorten your sentences so they fit on the sticks or write on both sides of the stick. Whatever you want!
  3. Create 3 labels and tape them to the jars. We chose to label them as follows:
  • Good Choices Points
  • Bad Choices Points
  • Bonus Good Deeds Points

Copy of easy Behavior Tracking System-2

Now start using your jars!

Start off by putting all the sticks in the Good Choices jar. This means your kiddo has a clean slate.

When they act up or out of line use the 3 strike rule before moving a task to the Bad Choices jar. The 3 strike rule is simply a warning of 1-2-3 strikes before moving the stick. If it’s something really bad like hitting or scratching the task goes straight to the Bad Choices jar. The goal with the Bad Choices jar is for your kid to not make it past the 3 strikes and keep their sticks in their Good Choices jar. Once they’ve completed a task out of their Bad Choices jar they’ve earned their Good Points back.

If your kiddo does a good deed unprompted they earn Bonus Points. This can be one of your popsicle stick tasks or write the good deed on a piece of paper, either way. Once they have 15 Bonus Points they’ve earned a special treat, their movie pick on movie night, their dinner choice for eating out that week, or a small toy (whatever you want and agree on).

*Eventually, they do have to learn to do the Good Deeds stuff unrewarded and understand that being kind is just the right thing to do, even if no one pats you on the back. For now though, this system is a great jump start on being kind habits for your littles.

Copy of easy Behavior Tracking System

Note that we do take bonus points away at our discretion. You can take this further and reward their Good Choices if they don’t have any Bad Choices Points for a week, month or whatever your goal is.

That’s it!

Let me know how it works for you or what variations you’ve taken with this.

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