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Let’s be real, getting stuff done with a rambunctious toddler isn’t easy and taking time to prioritize is a MUST if I want to do anything on a given day (I mean getting stuff done is conducive to living that best life, right?). All the while, I’m also an advocate for ending the glorification of staying busy… there are times when we need to just be still and in the moment. Sort of let go of all that hustle and bustle. It’s this semi-magical balance of going with the flow and sticking to the plan that usually yields some sort of fruitful production and happiness in my life.

To all of you with more than one child, I want to stop right here and take a second and give y’all a shout out. You are saints, literal living saints. My own parents being a couple of them, you show us all how it’s done.

When I was a teenager and young adult I loved babysitting and being an Auntie but I swore up and down that, I was never and I mean NEVER having children, it was just gross (reality/translation: birth scared the crap out of me). I was determined that I was destined to be a pet person who would be able to keep a svelte physique and that would be that.

I imagine that God laughed and promptly drew up other plans for me. After an early on miscarriage 8 ½ years ago I realized just how wrong I was about my own life. Those next 8 ½ years felt like an eternity until Garret and I were blessed with our daughter, Orla, who is now 3½ years old, she was so perfectly placed in our lives. I mean I fell in love with her the very second I saw those double blue lines, as did my husband, Garret. Not just like this floaty feeling, we were like IN LOVE with that tiny little fetus shaped like an ugly dinosaur. Ugh… I still get butterflies thinking of those first moments.

I’m truly savoring this new life of ours. She is totally my life’s purpose so when she asks me to enter into her little mystical world of imagination, I try hard to stop doing whatever it is I’m doing and just go and I’ll tell you right now, I never ever once have regretted it.

Living my best life right now is abso-freaking-lutely equivalent to being a mom.

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