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My Art Background Check:

The short version:

I majored in Studio Arts at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Proficient in photography, painting with watercolor, acrylic or oil on canvas and drawing with graphite, pastel or ink. I learned the rules, I don’t always remember ’em and often I am found breaking them, repeatedly.

The long version:

The majority of what I think about outside of mothering and being a wifey is art and art making. It has evolved from childhood wall art into stacks upon stacks of filled sketchbooks and covered canvases, to commissioned illustrations featured in a published book. It’s evolved from the silly to weird, from the weird to the dark and confused. It’s evolved from the dark and confused to whimsical, fresh and imaginative. It’s always been therapeutic. I’m working on keeping that going and making it a priority.

I was born and raised in a small but growing town in northern Illinois. I’m the youngest of six kids to two loving and supportive parents. My mom has always been the creative genius and it even rubbed off on a few of us kids. My dad now retired and in his late 70s has developed a passion for art and especially water coloring, his own father an inventor and master photographer. It’s in my blood. My parents are a part of a local watercolor guild and frequent art shows and competitions, learning and growing artistically together and I’m loving every bit of them doing that.

As a kid, I embraced art class, it was an obvious distraction for me from the math that I struggled with. I even voluntarily took to summer school for art classes. I had my first elective photography class in the summer of 5th grade. I was obsessed with taking photos long before the camera phone. High school electives were filled with art classes too; 4 years of ceramics, all the art basics, I even took a metals class and was the only girl welder. This would later pique my interests in jewelry making. I graduated high school with the Art Student of the Year Award in 2003. I went on to junior college and then eventually transferred to a university in the city. My major was Art Ed but a professor persuaded me to switch my major to Studio Arts. A degree I have yet to complete but haven’t yet given up on.

Now, after a stint in the city and a bit of traveling with my one and only. I’m happily married to him, my high school sweetheart, who stuck by my side all along and we have a little family of three back in my hometown. Painting, drawing, and writing is still very therapeutic for me. Maybe even more so now than ever. I’m gaining more insight into the purpose of my art, I’m in the process of really refining it. I’d really love to keep working on lovely and inspirational projects like My Blind Dog Still Wags His Tail; Uplifting Life Lessons From My Best Friend written by J.D. Wilcock. It’s been a great blessing to have this opportunity. A stepping stone if you will, for lack of a better term at the moment, to propel me into my passions. Deeply and unforgivingly.

For more on my uncle’s book head here.

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