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Blind Dog

My heart fluttered and filled with joy when this book came in the mail!

My Blind Dog Still Wags His Tail; Uplifting Life Lessons From My Best Friend written by J.D. Wilcock

This book includes illustrations by yours truly. Published by Active Voice Publishing. Available now on Amazon and Amazon for Kindle!

An excerpt from the back cover reads, “…contains the amazing true stories and observations about a man’s interactions with his best friend. Each story is tied to insightful lessons learned from this beautiful pet. Not only can our pets learn from us, we can learn from them. Alternately conversational, down-to-earth, heart-warming, insightful and inspirational, this book will make you laugh, ponder and perhaps shed a tear… and be better off for it.

The author, J.D. Wilcock is my uncle and this is a vision he’d carried for a while. It’s been a little over two years for him. It was soon to be published but at the time with an alternate ending. To our entire family’s complete shock, his brother, Kenny, also my uncle, was brutally murdered. The convicted was sentenced to the max. J.D. knew what he had to do, this event was so impactful, so important and a critical moment in his life. So, he rewrote the ending before sending it to the printers.

Now, at the time that I was commissioned, I was a new mom. New is still a feeling I carry 22 months postpartum but definitely new as in that I had a 9-month-old and was tied to the breast pump and baby was latched permanently to the breast. Meanwhile, I was working my then 40 hours a week, day job and desperate for a moment to myself. Gladly and of course, emotionally I accepted the job. This was about a year and a half ago when J.D. came to me with the manuscript. It has been no easy feat but it was enjoyable to get back in the artist’s saddle. The last works I’d created were whimsical acrylic canvases for my daughter’s room. My husband, Garret, who worked 60 + hours a week at the time was there to pick up the slack and put his own interests aside to help out while I began to illustrate. I hired a close friend to help with our sweet daughter too. She kindly kept her mouth shut regarding my work. She watched it develop essentially from day one into what it is now. Never a judgemental word from either one of them. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Illustrating a book is a vision I’ve carried from childhood. A rough portfolio of sketches and ideas I’ve lugged around for close to two decades. I’m excited about what this book means for me as an illustrator but also what it means for my family. Recent changes around the house have opened up a teeny-tiny bit of spare time for me. Unplanned and unexpected yet we’re calling it a blessing in disguise and rolling with the changes, I can now dedicate a bit of that time to my passions.

Moreover, I’m excited beyond words for my uncle, J.D. the now published author. Life is good. This is our starting point and I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Learn more about the author here.


Here are a few of the watercolor and graphite illustrations that were submitted to the publisher.

All art belongs to Brittany Johnson of Brittany Johnson Art & Stuff

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