The Six Perspectives Art Show – Featuring Dick Wilcock Photography

One of my brothers, Richard recently had his photography showcased in an art exhibition and they've made it accessible online. Please show his work some love and check it out! ♥️ See it here >>>

Vacation: My Notes From the Road

Here's a list of serious & nonserious things that I learned while traveling & vacationing with my 4 yr old daughter without my husband for an entire week. I think there are a few worthy tips here! Disclaimer!!! Single parents- please don’t judge. I realize you do this and WAY more every single day. You [...]

Podcasts & Books That I Can’t Get Enough of Right Now

  If you're anything like me, you need to feed your brain with things that are intellectually stimulating. For me, podcasts are a great option for those quiet moments when you're itching for that stimulation and you've exhausted your iTunes playlists for the day! Some can even begin to feel like you're actually part of [...]

Fight for the Good Stuff

Fight for the good stuff. Your fight might look different than mine or anyone else's fight. Your fight doesn't have to be abrasive. Though, it can be aggressive, if you need it to be. It doesn't have to be in your face and all over the place, unless you need it to be. Your fight [...]

My Top 20 List of the Most Influential ​Painters of All Time

Have you seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Do you know the scene where they visit The Art Institute of Chicago? Come on? You know it. If you don’t, please stop what you’re doing right now and go watch that movie! Immediately. Then, I’d love it if you came back to revisit this post. Some of [...]

Be radical with your goals. Be gentle with yourself. Above all, be kind to others.

Here's what I've been whispering to myself lately ⇒ Be radical with your goals. Be gentle with yourself. Above all, be kind to others. And, as E.T. would say, "Beeee gooood."