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Sometimes You Have To Be Willing To Do Just About Anything

Enter Garret aka Daddy, willing to hike his pants up above his belly button at the drop of a hat and put on a full-blown silly show for his princess, sometimes you have to be willing to do just about anything to quell the tears. Sometimes we even get so lucky to get an instant hackling response out of her and before I know it she’s putting on the silly show too. In moments like that, time stops. I just want it to stand still.

Audrey Hepburn Quote

Just a regular fall evening in the garden with my favorite weirdos.

Finding laughter in the not so great moments are part of what keeps us afloat as a family and moments specifically like that one are part of why I love and adore my husband so so much.

Our house is full of goofy made up songs and dances, funny noises & shouting from room to room in different voices, “Arg matey, ya didn’t put the step stool away and I stubbed me toe!” with a full blown 3.5-year-old giggly reply “Hey! You’re not a pirate! You’re Mama.

I can’t imagine living any other way- honestly and it’s just living a life that comes naturally.

*I’m aware that this isn’t written to satisfy your typical fancy pants grammar rules. I knowingly wrote this to reflect my speaking style and self-edited.*

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